Master of Computer Application (MCA)

Information Technology or IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. With information gaining immensely in value, technology is a prerequisite to making this usable. With more and more organizations adopting technology by the day, IT is an industry that is showing great prospects for a long time to come.

IT courses in BIMS provide you with the right skills and exposure to leverage the opportunity that the industry throws open to you.

Program duration

3 years ( 6 semesters)
3 years graduation The MCA program is designed to produce a dynamic breed of computer professionals with excellent managerial skills. Emphasis is given to in-depth studies of numerous application oriented subjects, covering various methodologies to develop software products.


  • The course is geared towards realizing the following
  • To provide a specialization in computer science with technical, professional and communication skills.
  • Train future industry professionals in the IT sector.


  • Graduate in any stream

Course contents

First Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0061 Computer Programming ‘C Language’ 4
MC0062 Digital Systems, Computer Organization & Architecture 4
MC0063 Discrete Mathematics 4
MC0064 Basic Web Development (Internet, HTML) 4
MC0065 Financial Management & Accounting 4
Total Credit :     18
Second Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0066 OOPS using C++

MC0067 Database Management System (DBMS& Oracel9) 4
MC0068 Data Structures using C 4
MC0069 System Analysis & Design (SAD) 4
MC0070 Operating System with Unix

Total Credit :     40
Third Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0071 Software Engineering

MC0072 Computer Graphics 4
MC0073 System Programming 4
MC0074 Statistical & Numerical Methods using C++

MC0075 Computer Network

Total Credit :     48
Fourth Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0076 Management Information Systems 4
MC0077 Advanced Database Systems 4
MC0078 Java Programming 4
MC0079 Computer Based Optimization Methods (Statistics / Applied OR) 4
MC0080 Analysis & Design of Algorithms 4
Total Credit :     80
Fifth Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0081 (DOT) Net Technologies 4
MC0082 Theory of Computer Science 4
MC0083 Object Oriented Analysis & Design using UML 4
MC0084 Software Project Management & Quality Assurance 4
MC0085 Advanced Operating Systems (Distributed System) 4
Total Credit :     100
Six Semester
Sub. Code Title Credit
MC0086 Digital Image Processing 4
MC0087 Internetworking with TCP/IP 4
MC0088 Data Warehousing & Data Mining 4
MC0032 Project


Total Credit :     120


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