For the overall development of students according to the corporate expectation, an intense work on their self development and also to instill right confidence and standing out of the crowd ability, this area of self improvement is fostered at BIMS through "I Module"(Dpt.)

This course is compulsory and is very thoughtfully divided in 3 segments of it catering to student's holistic improvement.

The unique pattern of I Module syllabus would integrate the step by step revision and requirements of the students at different stages of their duration in our institution.

1st year-The 1st stage of grooming is designed keeping in mind the basic communicative and confidence boosting requirements by exercising Communication skills, oral presentations, role plays etc.

2nd year-The 2nd stage of communication skill enhancement will prepare the students to take on to the flight of getting acquainted with core of soft skill values to help them better understand their inner self and worth.

3rd year-The 3rd stage of grooming will actually train and equip our students to get to know the expertise required to face the outer world by concentrating on job readiness skills and ultimate confidence towards their journey of college to corporate.

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