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International Internship Program (IIP)

Global Expertise

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears.”

Baroda institute of Management Studies is 1st institute in Gujarat to provide a global interface program to its students through its International Internship Program (IIP).

Students work in Global Projects with global teams in these countries which provide them experience in the areas of Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) & Education.

The students of MBA 3rd or 4th Sem will be provided Entrepreneurship and Project Management Traineeship in approximately 15 countries wherein they will be working on different projects and would be getting a Certification for the same at the end of submission of their projects. This internship would be either paid or covered internship.

In December’09, the first batch of IIP who went to Egypt, University of Cairo, for their project on ‘Entrepreneurship’…which was highly appreciated by the officials of the University of Cairo. They were made leaders for about 15 Egyptians who worked with them & they lead the team successfully. Till now BIMS has proudly & Successfully sent its 3 batches to this extraordinary & exclusive program to enhance student’s expertise & learning.


To provide international experience with entrepreneurial & Management Skills to enhance their employability in this competitive world.

Benefits of choosing IIP:

  1. International work experience
  2. Opportunity to get placements abroad
  3. Wider future options
  4. Learn global leadership, public speaking, tem dynamics skills
  5. Experiencing entrepreneurial skills
  6. Learn Management skills followed internationally
  7. Opportunity t meet corporate
  8. Cross cultural exchange
  9. Enhanced Knowledge.

Till now BIMS has proudly & successfully sent its 5 batches to this extraordinary & exclusive program to enhance student’s expertise & learning.

International Internship Program Details of 5 batches

With a grand opening of one of its kind internship Baroda Institute of Management Studies has successfully completed its 5 batches of International Internship with its MBA Students. The details are as under

Batches Country Project
1st Batch Egypt Entrepreneurship
2nd Batch Bangkok Project Management
3rd Batch Mauritius Education
4th Batch Ghana CSR
5th Batch Russia FLY(Financial Literacy for youth)

Click to know : Process of International Internship Programs(IIP)

International Internship Program – 2011, BBA

Four students did Internship of 6 weeks in Ghana, West Africa.

IIP students sharing their learning & experiences at international level

  • Harsh shah receiving certificate for successfully completed International Internship.

  • Tausif Ali receiving certificate for successfully completed International Internship.

  • Pratik Bochare receiving certificate for successfully completed International Internship.

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