Will be release soon
  • June 03, 2020
    Regular online classes will continue for all courses- MBA, BBA, BCA till the Government permits the physical presence in the college.
  • June 03, 2020
    Final Assignment marks of BBA and BCA updated on record.
  • June 03, 2020
    Last date of Promotee form filling is 15th June, 2020. Students are advised to complete the formalities.
  • June 03, 2020
    University Exam dates for MBA, BBA and BCA will be declared soon.
  • June 03, 2020
    Admission OPEN for 2020 academic Session BBA, BCA & MBA. Right Time to GRAB the Opportunity...Elevate yourself in the CAREER.... Enroll now .....
  • June 03, 2020
    Last date of filling the University Exam (AMU) forms of MBA declared. Last date of filling the form is 15th June,2020
  • June 12, 2018
    July-2018 online examination form Important dates (1) without late fee from 28.05.18 to 10.06.18 (2) rs. 200 with late fee from 11.06.18 to 17.06.18 (3) rs. 400 with late fee from 18.06.18 to 24.06.18 (4) rs. 1000 w
  • April 17, 2018
    End semister Examination May-2018 will commence on 23-4-2018 onwards of MBA,BBA & BCA.
  • March 31, 2018
    Admission open for BBA, BCA & MBA. Right Time to GRAB the Opportunity...Elevate yourself in the CAREER.... Enroll now .....
  • March 31, 2018
    MBA Examination is scheduled on 19-May-2018 onwards by the Universities.
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Admission Process

How to Apply

The applicant has to submit the completed application form along with relevant enclosures and fees to the college office within the due dates. If the applications received from the students are not complete in any respect, those students may be given provisional enrolment at the university’s discretion. Such students will have to submit the required eligibility documents immediately as communicated by the university.
Provisionally enrolled students will be allowed to appear in the examinations only after their enrolment is confirmed.
Each student shall be allotted a registration number from the university, which shall be referred to, for any correspondence being made with the university. The registration number shall be received, after all the admission formalities are completed in all respects.

Download Application Form

Five easy steps to get enrolled:

  • Collection of facts from the institute
  • Fill application form
  • Register yourself by paying registration fees.
  • Pay college fees and University fees.
  • Submit the required documents attested by Gazetted officer

Fees & Financing

The student shall be required to pay the University fees and the college fees (by cheque / cash) timely. Delay in payment of fees shall result in payment of late fees, as applicable from time to time. Non payment of fees beyond last dates can lead to cancellation of admission.


Students shall receive the courseware along with the program guide, at the earliest, after payment of the semester fees. The courseware is specially designed by a team of experts to meet the contemporary requirements in the field of education and industry.

Credit System

Credit system is followed in all the courses, wherein each credit amounts to 30 hours of teaching.


Assessment is based on continuous & comprehensive evaluation system which is based on a rigorous and fair basis to bring out holistic development in the students.


  • Internal Assessment: 30% weight age on final score
  • External Assessment: 70% weight age on final score
  • Internal assessment comprises of marks assigned by the institute on the basis of assignments, project work, class interactions, internal examinations (MCQ pattern), viva, operational workouts etc. External assessment comprises of the university exam which is based on MCQ pattern. (Multiple choice questions).


The students should secure at least 35 % marks in continuous evaluation (Internal assessment) and 35 % marks in the university examinations, and a consolidated average of 40 % to be declared pass.
Following grading system is adopted:
A = Excellent (70 % and above)
B = Very good (60 % > 70 %)
D = Satisfactory (40% > 50 %)
E = Failure (Less than 40 %)

Examination Results

The Internal examination comprises of the entire syllabus and is held in the institution itself. The External Examination centre shall be away from the college in the same city. Students will have to produce the identity card & admit card to appear in the External Examination at the exam centre. The examination pattern will be available in details in the program guide.
The marks sheet shall be given to the student after successful completion of each semester. A student failing to clear in any of the subject has to reappear for the relevant subject by applying to the university through the re-sitting application along with relevant fees, in the institute, with the due date.


Students are expected to be very regular. Minimum 75 % attendance is mandatory for all the courses for each semester. Regular attendance is beneficial for the students themselves as it makes them grasp the process & the inputs given to them from time to time.

Award of Degree

All successful students of respective courses will be awarded the respective Degree by the university. The final semester students will have to submit the Degree issuance application along with the requisite fee as prescribed by the university during their final semester.

Code of Conduct

  • The students shall display highest standards in respect of discipline, punctuality & etiquettes.
  • The students shall pay the fees regularly & timely.
  • Students shall not be involved in indulgence of smoking, tobacco, narcotics & other such addictions.
  • Work towards maximum participation in various activities organized by the institution.
  • Work towards the objective of accruing best possible marks in Examinations.
  • Students shall not destroy/damage any property of the institution.
  • Follow the dress code as instructed for the students.
  • Follow the rules & regulations as is instructed from time to time.

Right to Amend Rules

The institution and the university reserve the right to change/amend the rules & regulations wherever considered necessary & appropriate without any prior notice.


All disputes relating to the BIMS are strictly subject to Vadodara (India) / Jurisdiction.

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